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Hospital Beds

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We sell personal hospital beds in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Dubuque & Mason City/Clear Lake. We service the products we sell.

JVA Mobility carries several hospital & adjustable bed brands including Invacare and Flex A Bed.

The Flexabed Hi-Low SL is the ideal bed for those in home healthcare or assisted living environments. In fact, no adjustable bed is more convenient than the Hi-Low SL model. The base can be raised and lowered vertically with a touch of a button, making the Hi-Low SL model ideal for customers who require additional assistance when entering or exiting the bed.

JVA Mobility is proud to serve residents in eastern Iowa near Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Dubuque & Mason City/Clear Lake. If you need an at-home consultation, give us a call or use the website form below.


Hospital Bed Brands We Represent
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