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Eastern Iowa's Leader in

Mobility Equipment Sales & Service

We understand that off the shelf isn't for everybody and that's why we offer custom fabrication for many of our products. Whether it involves making something more comfortable or more convenient for you, we can help!

Products We Carry & Service


JVA Mobility, Inc. strives to provide durable mobility & medical equipment and care services focusing on increasing abilities and improving the health status of the disabled population in the communities we serve.

We make every effort to fulfill or surpass the established levels of excellence in both the art and science of patient care. We endeavor to create unique quality in the professional relationships between our staff and the patients served.

If you, a friend or someone in your family needs assistance or their quality of life would be improved through the use of mobility or medical equipment, please reach out to us. We have made it our life's work to serving the eastern Iowa community as a locally owned provider without any corporate brand restrictions. Get the help you need from a small team of dedicated professionals that will answer the call every time. 

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