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Welcome to JVA Mobility

Striving to provide durable medical equipment and patient care services.

JVA Mobility

JVA Mobility, Inc. strives to provide durable medical equipment and patient care services focusing on abilities and improving the health status of the disabled population in the communities we serve.

JVA Mobility, Inc. makes every effort to fulfill or surpass the established levels of excellence in both the art and science of patient care. We endeavor to create unique quality in the professional relationships between our staff and the patients served.

We strive to not lose sight that the ultimate consumer is the patient and we will pursue the highest standards of clinical and technical excel lance in designing durable medical equipment knowing these will affect our patients every day.

Our Locations

For your convenience we have two locations.

Waterloo, IA Waterloo, IA
2700 Falls Ave. Waterloo, IA 50701
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  • Phone: 319.226.3363
  • Fax: 319.226.3584
  • Toll Free: 866.852.3363
Waterloo, IA Cedar Rapids, IA
4701 J Street, SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
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  • Phone: 319.366.3533
  • Fax: 319.366.3652
  • Toll Free: 866.418.3533

BBB Accreditation

A BBB Accredited Business since .

JVA Mobility, Inc. has been awarded a A+ rating by BBB and has demonstrated a commitment to provide a high standard of customer satisfaction. This is why JVA Mobility, Inc. can be counted on for durable medical equipment and patient care services.

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HQAA Accreditation

A HQAA Accredited Business since .

This states that JVA Mobility meets the requirements under section 1834(a)(20) of the Social Security Act (SSA) and the federal regulations at 42 CFR 424.58.

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US Rehab Member

A US Rehab Member since .

U.S. Rehab is a national alliance of NRRTS-registered Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers.

U.S. Rehab is proud to promote that all members meet high-level admission standards and hold credentials from NRRTS and RESNA.

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